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 Exclusive promotions, rates, and services are offered to CALCAP Value and Preferred Partners with CALCAP Lending.

CALCAP Lending understands that every loan funded is not just money changing hands, but new opportunity for all parties involved. Whether you’re a broker or investor, CALCAP’s priority is to provide up-front, transparent service and competitive programs for every deal.

As a CALCAP Value Partner (Broker) or Preferred Partner (Investors and Borrowers), you will benefit from exclusive rate and fee promotions, dedicated representatives and services, as well as the most up-to-date programs as we expand our lending solutions to meet the growing needs of our partners’ business purpose real estate investment goals.

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CALCAP Lending, LLC, a division of CALCAP Advisors, Inc. is a California-based private money direct lender with extensive experience and a proven track record in offering a wide array of business purpose real estate investment financing solutions in an ever-expanding list of markets. Providing short to mid- term financing for property investors and businesses looking to purchase, refinance, renovate, and construct residential or commercial properties – CALCAP works to expand opportunities within our partners’ businesses and investment goals.

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